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Videos from John Laurits
& the People’s Math Front

PolitiGeek, EP1: John Laurits, on United States’ Propaganda and the 2017 NDA

What is “Cumulative Vote Shares” Analysis? Explained by John Laurits

Veterans Standing w/ Standing Rock March to the Bridge, 12/5

Standing Rock Veterans at the Bridge, 12/5

Veterans Marching from Oceti Sakowin to the Bridge, 12/5

Update from the Occupy Veterans for Peace Camp, Oceti Sakowin, Standing Rock

John Laurits, Live from the Occupy Veterans For Peace Camp

John Laurits, reports from the road to Oceti Sakowin

Democracy Spring Demonstration, 7/25/2016, #MarchOnDNC #SeeYouInPhilly

John Laurits, About “Wasting Votes”

The DNC 2016: Inside & Outside, A Dual Interview w/ Jeff Epstein & John Laurits

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Revenge of the Math: Michael Salamone w/ Guest, John Laurits June 18th Michael Salamone: Math-Checking the Media w/ John Laurits June 2nd