This is where I keep the various bits of prose that are all (more or less) untrue (or, perhaps, more-than-true…?) — including excerpts from Jacob’s Ladder” (a novel, which I am currently failing to complete), vignette, aka “very short-stories” (I call them sketches), hypothetical discourses, nonsensical shreds of fancy which I’ve snatched from the winds of my imagination, & so on…

John Laurits' Writing

Below are excerpts from “Jakob’s Ladder” — John Laurits’ up-coming book, which tells the strange story of  Jakob — a mechanic, stalked by the persistent memories of his failure as an artist — who struggles to repair his own mind after he finds himself being persecuted by a mysterious God that Jakob himself unwittingly created….

The Engines of Creation

Unsorted Sketches

These are sketches & stories that don’t really connect with any others — some are simply “sketches” of things, while others might be a short story or a monologue or, perhaps,  something strange…

Verb, to Bloom: to Cause to Yield Blossoms
A Sunrise Over a Statuette
The Drawbacks of Becoming God by Accident
(or Why Ignorant Mediocrity Looks Better on You)
An Unusual Time for a Story
God’s Midwife


All stories property of John Laurits
© 2016 John Laurits

†I’ve always thought of my stories as “sketches” & that’s how I refer to them. I think it’s because I feel that the story or whatever it is already exists somewhere & it’s like I’m trying to represent it, in the same way that an illustrator would gaze at their object & attempt to reproduce its likeness with graphite (or charcoal or paint or…).

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