About This Website

This website is under the full control of anarcho-communist writer, mathematician, heretic, and educator John Laurits. The blame for its contents can be leveled mostly against Laurits but, to be completely fair, his comrades — the volunteers of the People’s Math Front — are also responsible for many of the dank memes and graphics and therefore should be regarded as enablers.

John Who?

John LauritsSometimes known as the “math poet,” John Laurits ( pronounced LOH-rits ) is a writer, journalist, activist, & education enthusiast who resides in Oregon with a useless degree in eastern philosophy, as well as the absurd amount of debt which resulted from it and which is likely to follow him to his death. Laurits ( perhaps, unfortunately ) gained notoriety in early 2016 for a series of articles demystifying the math behind the delegate system used in the democratic primaries. He scribbles his work hastily in cafes across the nation but he is most often found somewhere in the Pacific Northwest ( he prefers the rainy weather there for reasons Californians will probably never understand ).

Jill Stein Tweets John Laurits' ArticleWhile the majority of his writings are self-published, John Laurits has written & reported for indie-media outlets like Real Progressives & PoliticsAndStuff.org, and has appeared on podcasts, radio stations, & talk-shows, including KPFA 94.1FM, Salamone (the Podcast!), & #OurRevolutionTV’s The Robust Opposition.  John’s articles have been cited by RT’s Lee Camp, Naked Capitalism, & the BBC, and are shared on social media by some pretty hip folks, like Jill Stein & Mark Rufalo.

What is the People’s Math Front?

The People's Math Front logo, courtesy of Jacob YonaThe People’s Math Front ( PMF ) is a fluid syndicate of artists & volunteer researchers dedicated to guerrilla-education. PMF was founded in 2016 by John Laurits & Jacob Yona to counter a rash of disinformation being peddled by political parties and their propagandists in the media. PMF successfully crowd-sourced and organized teams of researchers from all over the world to crunch elections data, track ballots, & spread the findings of their research on social media using reader-friendly and informative articles & memes.

Despite our many different backgrounds, the People’s Math Front is unified by our belief in the fundamental sanity, intelligence, & creativity of the human collective. We believe the public is fully capable of self-determination when access to information, education, & the freedom of thought are established — we demonstrate this belief when we show our work, cite sources for all claims, explain the reasoning behind conclusions, & make our sources available to all.

We are neither non-profit nor for-profit and we reject the imaginary structures of capitalist exploitation because we’re #!@%ing anarchists.

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