About This Website

What is the People’s Math Front?

The People's Math Front logo, courtesy of Jacob YonaThe People’s Math Front ( PMF ) is a fluid syndicate of artists & volunteer researchers dedicated to guerrilla-education. PMF was founded in 2016 by John Laurits & Jacob Yona for the purpose of countering disinformation being peddled by political parties & their allies in the media. PMF successfully organized crowd-sourced researchers from all over the world to crunch elections data, track ballots, & spread the findings through social media, using reader-friendly & informative memes & short articles.

Beneath our many different backgrounds, the People’s Math Front is unified by our belief in the fundamental sanity, intelligence, & creativity of the human collective. We believe the public is fully capable of self-determination when access to information, education, & the freedom of thought are established — we demonstrate this belief when we show our work, cite sources for all claims, explain the reasoning behind conclusions, & make our sources available to all.

We are neither non-profit nor for-profit and we reject the imaginary structures of capitalist exploitation — we get to do that because we’re #!@%ing anarchists.

Who Runs This Website?

This website is entirely run by John Laurits, with occasional assistance by his comrades & the volunteers of the People’s Math Front.