[video] John Laurits Interview w/ Revolt Against Plutocracy’s Victor Tiffany

For readers who missed the Facebook live-stream, here is a video wherein I am interviewed by Victor Tiffany of Revolt Against Plutocracy, the group that organized 2016’s #BernieOrBust initiative, about my recent article “Journalism Is Never Objective.” In it, we unpack the ideology behind ‘journalistic objectivity’ and dig into how social class and other facets of identity influence and distort how we understand the world around us.

In solidarity,
John Laurits

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Brenda Schouten Beckett
Brenda Schouten Beckett

John! What happened to you in this interview?. You were being interviewed by Victor Tiffany who did his best to give you a chance to present your ideas but you were all over the place and seemed to be “high”. The fact that you even minimized the contribution of Caitlin Johnstone made you seem petty, or that you are not even familiar with her work. When Victor asked us if knowing you are a Communist changed our perception of your answers it made me ashamed of your performance here because you were in THIS interview a terrible example of Marxist ideals. John, I am a long time fan of your WRITING because you have demonstrated clear thinking and a superb grasp of reality. NONE OF THAT was evident in this interview. I always share your writing to all my contacts but I wish I… Read more »