If US Missiles Kill Children to Strike Enemies of ISIS…

Syria Sarin Gas Attack, US Airstrikes“How many more children have to die before Russia cares?” asked Nikki Haley, Trump’s appointed ambassador to the UN, who seemed to be unaware that, while she posed rhetorical questions, Russia was continuing to assist Syrian forces in the fight against ISIS. Her question to the UN Security Council echoed claims made by nearly every major US news-outlet that Syrian forces killed 86 civilians on Tuesday, using illegal chemical weapons. In what now appears to be standard practice in the US, the articles provide no source of evidence to support the accusations — just links to other articles, each claim supported by every other unsupported claim, like a chain we assume must end somewhere. No evidence — just the assumption that nameless “officials” mentioned by the articles must possess evidence. This, in fact, may be the only evidence Trump had as he ordered 59 tomahawk cruise-missiles to strike a Syrian air base, killing 14 people, 9 of whom were civilians, in an act of what may or may not have been revenge, exacted randomly for crimes we are assuming someone else committed.

US Missiles Strike Syria for Gas Attack
Are we watching the opening scene of WWIII?

While the results of these geopolitical games are too complex to guess, the events of the last week fit the patterns that typically foreshadow the US entering a period of war. The story gets old — a rapid & poorly-documented sequence of events draws a military response, supported by narratives in the news-media, fixated on a recent trauma & often contradicting reports outside of the country — familiar? Video of a gas attack, which nameless “officials” say “bear the hallmarks” of Assad, showed up on Tuesday, Russia’s call for a UN investigation of the attack was dismissed by US diplomats on Wednesday, and — by Thursday night ( or Friday morning in Syria ) — the United States, spoiler alert, attacked yet another Muslim country.

This, by the way, is why the “terrorists” hate us and — to be completely fair — it is a pretty good reason, actually.

How Is Trump Certain Assad Is Guilty?

Before the US surprise strike on Syria, Russia insisted the attack needed to be investigated — which is quite reasonable, really — saying that Russian officials had evidence that the “gas attack” may have been a rebel weapons cache hit by a Syrian airstrike. If that turns out to be true, Assad would not be guilty of illegally using chemical weapons. Without other evidence, that story is easy enough to believe, which would mean Trump either acted on evidence no one else has — or simply did not care about evidence.

Update 4/10: UN investigators received testimonies of Syrian casualties & medical staff that opposition forces had used the nerve agent sarin in 2013. According to Reuters, “The United Nations independent commission of inquiry on Syria has not yet seen evidence of government forces having used chemical weapons.” ]

But even Trump’s disdain for reasoning is no match for the professionals…

US Media Suddenly Outraged
That Airstrikes Kill Muslims

Just 20 days ago, US airstrikes killed 200+ civilians in Mosul and the same media-outlets ignored this tragedy as the US military — at the time, the only ones bombing Mosul — “investigated” whether they were responsible. The US, of course, needed time to investigate the circumstances of their mass murder. When they finally shrugged off the 200+ dead in Mosul ( as well as an even less news-worthy 100-or-so killed in Raqqa & Aleppo ), a few tear-jerking stories appeared in evening editions before the story quickly disappeared. As this author noted on March 25th, none of the reporters felt the victims’ names were important to mention.

Mosul Airstrike Civilian Bodies
Victims of a recent airstrike being pulled from the rubble in Mosul

Now, skip 10 days ahead — an airstrike, possibly involving sarin gas, kills 86 and the commentariat say the blood is on the hands of Bashar Assad within 24 hours because “officials” said so. Hundreds of articles on the attack were written, packed with tragic video & horrific photos of the victims, some of whom even get names like folks killed in lighter-skinned countries ( a side-effect, perhaps, of mattering ). 13 days after shedding 0 tears for 300+ Muslims killed by our airstrikes, every major US news-outlet simultaneously realized that murdering civilians in the Middle-East is wrong — or maybe they are simply justifying the imperialism of the bloodthirsty US war-machine again.

If the US & ISIS Blow Up the Same Targets

There are many groups in Syria, fighting for a lot of different reasons. Radicalized groups of Sunni jihadis who we call “rebels,” such as ISIS & al-Nusra, are fighting to overthrow Assad to create a Taliban-style theocracy. That is an awful reason — but it is, in fact, a reason. Syrian forces, led by Assad & assisted by their allies, Iran & Russia, are defending the Syrian state from “rebels,” like ISIS & al-Nusra, who are attacking it. That is also a reason. We know what Assad, Iran, Russia, al-Nusra, & ISIS are doing in Syria — but what is the United States doing there?

Syria WMD Sarin CartoonThis is an important question. The US is not an ally of Syria, like Russia & Iran, but, while the US arms “rebels” fighting with ISIS to oust Assad, they can hardly be called neutral. The “officials” who keep US media-outlets so uniquely informed want us to believe US interventions in Syria are to fight terrorism & protect human rights — reluctantly, of course. US leaders are portrayed as moral people dropping bombs on bad people for good reasons. But no matter how often an idea is pushed & repeated by media commentators, they have no power to make it true…

Killing People Is Killing People,
Whether ISIS, Assad, Russia, or the USA

US Military Spending vs. Other CountriesThe reality is that the US is basically a terrorist group and their media — which congress appropriated funds earlier this year to bribe — is their public relations department. The United States government kills non-combatants regularly and has funded, armed, & trained terrorist groups for decades. We are giving military aid to Saudi Arabia — a far more brutal dictatorship than they claim Iran & Syria to be — despite knowing Saudi Arabia is, in the words of the US State Department, “the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide.”

And the US says they want to fight terrorism.

The US, Saudi Arabia, & Turkey
Want Assad Gone to Weaken Iran

Describing the US fight against terrorism, a declassified 2012 US Intelligence Report candidly explains how “western countries, the Gulf states and Turkey” were supporting efforts by opposition groups — one of whom the report identifies as “al-Qaeda in Iraq,” aka ISIS — to take control of Eastern Syria! The US Defense Intelligence Agency’s report even goes on to say, “this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran).” But don’t take my word for it — here’s US Representative Tulsi Gabbard, speaking about what she learned in Syria:

Either the US & allies had planned to help terrorists overthrow Syria as part of their long-game to undermine Iran — or had planned to help terrorists overthrow Syria as part of their long-game to undermine Iran but decided not to, then helped destroy Syria anyway because of the HUGE compassion Donald J. Trump feels for children killed by militaries other than his own. In any case, bombing people has proven to be a very stupid strategy to get other people to stop bombing people and we should all take a long look at history before condoning it.

In solidarity,
John Laurits

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Superb! I have been agonizing over the situation in Syria. Huge opposition to Tulsi Gabbard is primarily focused on her questions as to who Is responsible. More likely she represents all that is valued in a candidate for 2020. I contributed $27 to her this morning. The guts of Dean to ask her to resign when corruption surrounds us.
Can I highlight this by elevating it in the feed? I’ve never done that before but it is po$$ible.