The Saudi Arabia Arms Deal: What Weapons Did Trump Sell & Which Scumbags Profit From It?

US - Saudi Arabia Arms DealDuring his vacation to the Arabian Peninsula, Donald Trump announced he was signing a $350 billion-dollar arms deal with the brutal dictators who rule the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. When all of the transactions are complete, it will be the single largest weapons deal in all of US history — in fact, 350 billion is such an absurdly high number that it’s basically meaningless to most people, at first. This is because human brains can only recognize about 5 objects or so before we need to start counting. So, if you want to understand what 350 billion is, think about this — if you live for the average number of 71 years, you would need to spend $13.5 million dollars every single day for your entire life, from birth to death, to spend $350 billion. Let that sink in.

Now that we have some idea about how much money this weapons deal is worth, let’s take a closer look at what is actually happening, here…

Trump’s Saudi Arabia Arms Deal:
What Exactly Did the US Just Sell?

“We pray that this special gathering may someday be remembered as the beginning of peace in the middle east — and maybe even all over the world”
–Donald Trump,
May 21st address to the “Muslim world,” hours after selling $350B in weapons to Saudi Arabia

According to Al Masdar News, the weapons deal includes “tanks, artillery, helicopters, light close air support, intelligence-gathering aircraft, […] Patriot [missile batteries] and [Terminal High Altitude Area Defense] THAAD.Reuters reports that a $6 billion pledge by Saudi Arabia to buy & assemble 150 Lockheed Martin Blackhawk helicopters is also a part of the deal. Citing nameless White House officials, the Associated Press adds “some $750 million” in training for Saudi Air Force pilots, “Abrams tanks, combat ships, […] radar, and communications and cyber security technology” to the list of items included in Trump’s deal.

Trump, King Salman signing weapons deals between the US & Saudi ArabiaAs of this writing, these are all the items listed by the shallow reports of US news-outlets in the first few pages of search results. Because CNN & their friends want Americans to focus on Kardashians & make-believe Russian conspiracies, we must turn elsewhere for the details — and the only US media you can almost trust to report accurately is the financial media…

Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, & Boeing:
US Weapons Giants (& Incidentally, Campaign-Finance Giants, Too)

Lockheed-Martin announced Saudi Arabia wants to buy over $28 billion in integrated air/missile defense, combat ships, tactical aircraft, & rotary wing technologies & programs. Raytheon — the company that makes Tomahawk cruise missiles & Patriot anti-aircraft systems — is opening a new branch, Raytheon Arabia, that will focus on increasing Saudi Arabia’s weapons capabilities. Chinook helicopters, guided-weapons systems, & P-8 reconnaissance planes are among the instruments of death that Boeing is proudly contributing to Trump’s deal and General Electric says it will provide $15 billion in digital technology to Aramco, the Saudi’s massive state-run oil company.

Average Benefit to the Defense Industry over 36 Saudi Arabia Arms Deals
The average returns for the peddlers of death over the course of 36 Saudi-US weapons deals

Democrats Silent on Saudi Arabia Weapons Deal

Why are democrats so quiet about the massive arms deal between the US & the financiers of 9/11? Aren’t they supposed to be the Resistance™?

Lockheed-Martin spent $13.6 million to lobby public officials & $4.9 million to elect US representatives & Senators, while Raytheon spent $4.6 million & $3 million on the same & Boeing spent $17 million & $3.7 million. The leader of the democratic Senate, Chuck Schumer, took $123,950 from Lockheed-Martin and the leader of the house, Nancy Pelosi, took $39,800 from defense contractors, including $20,385 from Boeing & Lockheed-Martin.

That’s why.

In solidarity,
John Laurits

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pelosi schumer donors defense industry democrats - The Saudi Arabia Arms Deal: What Weapons Did Trump Sell & Which Scumbags Profit From It?
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Leon Stephens
I find it increasingly difficult to comment on what has reached a point of such absurdity, insanity, the bare facts are screaming, howling, shrieking for a mass uprising to put an end to it. The President is visibly nothing more than a traveling salesman for Raytheon and the rest of the aggression industry. For more than 15 years the US government has been violating its own laws against cooperating with listed terrorist organizations, by funding and arming them, which is tantamount to treason, without going into the bitter details of the millions killed, maimed, raped, tortured, displaced and exiled. And from the look of it, the vast majority… Read more »
John L.
John L.

The comment system isn’t working correctly at the moment. Working on the issue, sorry for any inconvenience

John L
John L

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Leon Stephens

It’s working again, evidently. But there’s still one little glitch – not a big deal, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to straighten it out: the Captcha Code is always invalid on the first try, you have to do a second one every time.

Leon Stephens

Except now it went on the first go. Once more into the breach, dear friends…


was this partly the deal that obama negotiated a year or so ago?