Turning Racist Propaganda Into Rainbows & Other Stuff That’s Better Than Racism [Free Posters!]

The purpose of this post is simply to offer the early fruits of the new International Laughers-At-Fascism Front ( or iLAFF ), whose sole intention is to make fun of white supremacy, white nationalism, fascism, & related ideas by transforming their propaganda (posters, flyers, etc) into something positive, colorful, & probably immature. We acknowledge that racism is a very serious problem and we nonetheless also believe that humor can be used as a weapon against it.

Here are the before-&-afters:

And here are the three re-imagined posters by themselves. Please, feel free to save the images & use them for your own purposes 🙂

Smash White Supremacists w/ Rainbows, Free Anti-Racist Posters, American Vanguard Propaganda Reclaimed

Free Anti-Racism Posters, American Vanguard Propaganda Reclaimed

American Vanguard Propaganda Reclaimed, Free Posters, Racism into Rainbows

iLAFF arose as a response to a recent nationwide propaganda campaign by white nationalist groups. Confirmed sightings of these particular racist posters have so far occured in Oregon, Michigan, Indiana, & Texas — if you know of other affected areas, please let us know in the comments & we will reach out to collectives in that area to assist with the cleanup.

Lastly, if you’d like to get involved, feel free to start subverting any fascist, racist, & sexist propaganda you find — you’ll make the world a better place & we’ll gladly add your contribution to the online collection!

In solidarity,
The Participants in iLAFF & the People’s Math Front

P.S. Just in case — here’s a link to some instructions for making wheat-paste ( a non-toxic adhesive which makes things like posters very difficult to remove from a wall )


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Organize to support the travel ban and halting refugees from entering the US until things are figured out. It may be a first step in getting us out of Syria and Iraq. Tulsi Gabbard met with Assad and met with Trump. Use logic and reason, feelings will not save us, only logic will. http://newswits.com/2017/02/07/wh-releases-list-of-78-terror-attacks-under-reported-jrpjqkmk.html


This is close, and you are on the right track. However, it might be better to show how cool, intelligent, and sexy are those who are pluralists. I think it may be happening among the youth of its own accord, but bring back the music, the films, and the social connection that went with the first flowering of this humanist movement in the 60’s.