Why Sanders’ Supporters Are Mad (& Why Everyone Else Should Be, Too)

sanders supporters mad rigged primariesThis article is written in the hope that it will be useful to those who are striving to change the fraudulent political narrative being peddled by the mainstream media. It is also written as a challenge to those who have maligned progressives & unfairly dismissed their grievances as “conspiracy theories.” It aims to explain that Sanders’ supporters are not sour grapes or sore losers but that their claim that the primaries were compromised has merit & that there is compelling evidence of fraud. It would be nothing short of willful irrationality to deny the following evidence and I’ll prove it by explaining the four major problems with the so-called democratic primaries:

1) blatant voter-suppression,
2) unaddressed evidence of altered elections-results,
3) an unreasonable & unnecessary absence of paper-trails, &
4) the proven collusion between Clinton, the DNC, & the “news” media.

Let’s begin…

1. Even the Media Admits That Voter-Suppression Occurred

These facts are not disputed — hundreds of thousands were purged with no justification in New York, along with untold hundreds-of-thousands more across the country. Not even the establishment media disputes the fact that the primaries in Arizona, Rhode Island, & in Puerto Rico were marred by rampant polling-station closures which had disastrous effects on voter-turnout — especially in lower-income areas.

As a bit of arithmetic can show, a mere 7% of voters chose the “democratic” nominee ( this later NYT article totally copied my article, too ). While typical voter-turnout in the US is disappointingly low, 2016 may have defied that trend — if it had been allowed to, that is. Because the suppression heavily affected demographics which favored Sanders (like Maricopa County, AZ & Brooklyn, NY, Sanders’ hometown), it cannot be denied that the suppression — intentional or not — had a negative impact on Sanders’ campaign.

It is only the extent of the impact which can be debated — not its existence.

2. Mysteries of the Unexplained:
Drastic Discrepancies & Impressing Irregularities

On top of the mess of convenient voter-roll purges & suppression, the primaries were fraught with major discrepancies between exit-polling & results, which were accompanied too often by irregularities that were nothing short of astonishing from a statistical point-of-view.

#ExitPollGate & Edison Research

Facts on Exit Poll Discrepancies
#ExitPollGate Info

Neither the DNC nor the media have meaningfully addressed the issue of exit-polling discrepancies, otherwise known as “#ExitPollgate.” For those of you who might not be familiar, “exit-polls” are surveys that target voters leaving their polling station directly after voting. Unlike pre-election polls ( which are famously inaccurate ), a well-conducted exit-poll is accurate to within about 2%. This is because exit-polls are asking voters about how they already voted, while those responding to pre-election polls can change their minds for many reasons.

Exit-polls are used around the world to deter & detect election fraud — but don’t take my word for it! The US government itself uses exit-polling to detect fraud ( in foreign elections, of course ) & USAID vouches for it in this handy .pdf manual on “assessing & verifying elections results.” When the results are off by more than a few %, this is a big red-flag that either the poll was conducted poorly or something more sinister is afoot. In the 2016 democratic primaries, 11 out of 26 primaries that had exit-polling exceeded the margin of error — and every single one was in Clinton’s favor.

Courtesy of Richard Charnin
Courtesy of Richard Charnin

If you’re thinking “how could this possibly get any shadier?” then, don’t worry — it does. After a few watchdog groups started asking to see the raw exit-poll data, the media consortium (who commissions the exit-polling) quietly canceled all remaining exit-polls for the democratic primaries & Edison Research (the company that conducts them) still refuses to release the data because… Uh, reasons…?

Statistical Irregularities

But exit-poll discrepancies aren’t the only red-flags — the “cumulative vote shares” or CVS data from the primaries also displays unlikely irregularities in many of the same states whose exit-polls looked very different from the results. To explain the subject, I actually took the time to create a video which explains what CVS analysis is — using jelly-beans

After watching the video & once you get the concept, I invite you to examine the democratic primaries’ CVS graphs & decide for yourselves whether or not they look suspicious — I’ve got a sizable, though incomplete, collection of them in this article (link here). Election Justice USA — a national coalition of election integrity experts, statisticians, attorneys, documentarians, & activists — also has quite a few of these CVS graphs in their 96-page report on the primaries. If you can’t be bothered to examine them, then maybe you’ll take the word of multiple teams of lawyers, statisticians, & data experts who do think it looks suspicious — so suspicious, in fact, that they’re pouring tons of money into lawsuits in a handful of states to obtain the data & force the disclosure of the raw exit-polls that we talked about above.

3. There is Literally No Way to Verify the Elections-Results

Cartoon by Jacob Yona
Cartoon by Jacob Yona

Now — these serious issues & their supporting evidences are concerning enough that rational citizens of the USA ought to support an investigation into the integrity of the primaries’ results. This concern leads us to the next step, which is to ask, “is there any way for us to make sure the results weren’t compromised, either intentionally or mistakenly?”

To which I must regretfully respond, “no, there isn’t.”  This is because each state gets to decide how it conducts its elections and some states are better than others at meeting the basic requirements of what any human being with a brain would consider to be fair elections — like having a way to check the #!@%ing results, for example.

Believe it or not, there are 15 states (which are home to about 35% of US voters) that use voting machines called “DRE” voting machines (or direct recording electronic voting-machines) which leave no paper-trail, making it literally impossible to check the results — but it gets worse. Multiple studies, like this Princeton study ( or even this YouTube video ) have demonstrated repeatedly that, with just an 8th-grader’s scientific literacy, $10.00, & a quick run to RadioShack, pretty much anyone can hack one of these things without leaving a trace.

If what I’ve said is true — & I’ve cited my sources, so you may verify it yourself — to think the elections results are real, you need to believe that they are. Since 15 states could easily swing any election with results that can’t be verified, it’s impossible to have a rational conviction the outcome is legitimate — only a religious conviction is possible, a faith-based conviction.

4. And Finally, the DNC-Leaks Show the Referee Was Colluding With the Other Team!

Alright — so far, we’ve got a boatload of voter suppression, one ton of unexplained data irregularities, & 15 unverifiable state-level results but what corrupted-pie of inequity would be complete without a few dashes of good, ol’ fashioned cheating?

The recent & ongoing DNC email leaks have shown to the world — & remember that the DNC hasn’t denied any of this — that their most powerful, top-level officials had been working for the benefit of the Clinton campaign since January 2016 (at least!), including the head-honcho Debbie Wasserman-Schultz & Luis Miranda, the communications director! Nevermind that the DNC’s charter reads:

In the conduct and management of the affairs and procedures of the Democratic National Committee, particularly as they apply to the preparation and conduct of the Presidential nomination process, the Chairperson shall exercise impartiality and evenhandedness as between the Presidential candidates and campaigns. The Chairperson shall be responsible for ensuring that the national officers and staff of the Democratic National Committee maintain impartiality and evenhandedness during the Democratic Party Presidential nominating process.

– from the DNC’s charter [source]

The Matrix: US Elections Special Edition
The Matrix: US Elections Special Edition

As I’ve pointed out in a recent article, if this level of cheating were discovered in the National Football League or the United States’ Figure Skating Association, Clinton would’ve been disqualified, barred from future participation, & possibly sentenced to prison, along with the corrupt officials who assisted her! But this isn’t a championship on the sports channel — this is supposed to be the democratic process by which the commander-in-chief of the world’s most powerful military & the appointer-of-supreme-court-justices is elected by the people of the United States of America.

But yeah, f*@# Sanders’ supporters for not answering the call for party unity.

To Sum it All Up

I’ve laid it all out here. I’ve cited my sources & shown you evidence which strongly suggests that there were multiple, profound organizational & ethical problems that potentially altered the outcome of the 2016 democratic presidential primaries. To simply dismiss it as “conspiracy theory” is not logical — I’ve made a sound argument that is supported by evidence & that can only be dismissed by a sounder counter-argument or new evidence which rules my conclusions out.

These problems must be addressed — the only alternative is to accept that, in the US, there is no way to verify or audit the results of national elections. If we — as a society — choose not to deal with this, we will have chosen to live in a country where the leaders are appointed by forces beyond its citizens’ knowledge; we will have chosen to live in a country where there is no consequence for stealing a person’s right to vote & no consequence for rigging an election. If we choose to marginalize these legitimate complaints, we will be saying that we are satisfied with being told that we live in a democracy — we will be saying, “we don’t need proof.”

And that — in this writer’s opinion — would be the most tragic of mistakes. 

In solidarity,
John Laurits #NotMeUs

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