Why Aren’t Americans More Infuriated?

DNC EmailsGreetings, my brothers, sisters, & others —
Today, for the purposes of provoking thought & fanning the fires of justified outrage, I’d like to offer a series of analogies to you all. It is my sincerest hope that the questions & implications which arise will be as constructively infuriating to you as they were to me…

A Brief Glimpse at Several Incidents
from the History of US Sports

In January of 1994, Nancy Kerrigan — the winner of the 1993 US Figure Skating Championship — was finishing a practice session when a man approached her and bashed her across the knees with a metal baton, dampening her hopes of competing that year. Shortly after the incident, Tonya Harding, a rival figure skater, won the 1994 US Figure Skating Championships — any sense of accomplishment, however, was short-lived because it was revealed that Harding’s husband had orchestrated the attack on Kerrigan.

After repeatedly denying any knowledge of the attack, Harding ultimately admitted that she had known about it and pleaded guilty to impeding the investigation. The US Figure Skating Association stripped her of the 1994 championship & banned her from participating in professional figure skating for the rest of her life.

Cheating at Sports has Consequences!

Those of you who follow American football might remember “Deflate-Gate,” an incident where the New England Patriots were caught partially deflating their footballs, which gave them an unfair advantage over the other team during the AFC championships. The team was fined $1 million, they lost 2 draft picks, & their quarterback, Tom Brady, lost the privilege of playing in the first four games of the season — simply because the investigation concluded he was “at least generally aware of” the cheating.

Sammy Sosa was suspended for 7 games for using a “corked bat” and Marion Jones, former Olympic track star, was actually fined & sent to prison by a federal court, then was stripped of all her gold medals for taking an unauthorized substance which may have given her an unfair advantage. The federal judge who presided over Jones’ case, after denying her plea for mercy, was quoted as saying:

“Athletes in society … serve as role models to children around the world. When there is a widespread level of cheating, it sends all the wrong messages.”

Well, who can argue with that? Sending all the wrong messages to the children of the world — it’s enough to make anyone’s blood boil! Now — let’s shift gears for a second…

The 2016 Presidential Primaries
& the #DNCLeaks

On July 22nd 2016, Wikileaks publicly released 19,252 emails & 8,034 attachments which were sent between the DNC’s staff (as well as between staff & “news” media, including CNN & Politico). These emails, which were sent between January & May of 2016, show that DNC staff had been actively working for the benefit of the Clinton campaign & to the detriment of the Sanders’ campaign — examples include DNC employees knowingly pushing false media narratives, making arrangements to suppress anti-Clinton coverage & for media outlets to submit their stories to the DNC for “approval,” general mockery of Sanders, & even discussion of how to assassinate Sanders’ character, to name just a few.

And yet! And yet — the media basically ignores the DNC Leaks as Clinton waves to the crowd & strides forward to accept the “democratic” nomination beneath what some might argue was an excessively celebratory shower of patriotic balloons.

Wouldn’t there be riots or something…?

Okay — now, imagine that the DNC is the referee & that the Sanders & Clinton campaigns are sports teams, instead of US presidential @%#!ing hopefuls! Is it possible that the DNC & the Clinton campaign would’ve ended up in federal court over the emails that exposed the collusion between the sports officials & the Clinton campaign? If Debbie Wasserman-Schultz wasn’t the chair of the “Democratic” National Committee but was a referee for the NBA, would she be spending time in prison, like Tim Donaghy did? If Hillary Clinton had been, say, a figure skater or a track star, would she have had her privilege to compete revoked & her previous victories stripped from her, like Tonya Harding & Marion Jones? 

Cartoon by Jacob Yona
Cartoon by Jacob Yona

Why is it that we have lower standards for honesty, sportsmanship, & integrity for our presidential candidates who are competing to control the most powerful military in the world than we have for athletes in the NBA, NFL, & figure skating? Are we really publicly funding the DNC, when their officials would be fined, imprisoned, & almost certainly banned from future participation in the US Figure Skating Association or the National Football League?

Where are our senators & congressman to lead the charge against cheating in presidential politics, like Republican Senator John McCain did in his crusade to rid major-league baseball of cheaters?

To Sum It All Up

The primaries were ubiquitously & appropriately referred to as “races” & “contests” throughout 2016 and it therefore isn’t unfair to compare the DNC — the organization whose rulebook says that they are to be a neutral arbiter — to the referee. It’s also fair to say that they were emphatically not neutral during the primary races — but where is the public outcry? Why are we supposed to believe that the Sanders’ supporters are just “sore losers,” when we’d be publicly crucifying the NFL or the USFSA or any other organization which held contests?

The only conclusion which one can draw from all of this is that the good people of the United States care less about who rules them than who more perfectly performs a triple-axle or whether a leather ball was kicked between two posts properly or not.

If this doesn’t seem right to you — congratulations! Your priorities remain in the right order & you’ve still got some sense left in that cavern between your ears! If you feel mad about this — good. You should be.

Why don’t we do something about it?

In solidarity,
John Laurits #NotMeUs
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