What is #ExitPollGate?


What is #ExitPollGate?


Greetings, my brothers, sisters, & others — I have something special for you all today! As I’ve already explained with the last two articles (here & here), it is of the utmost importance that we shed as much light as we can on the dishonesty & corruption of the DNC, the Clinton-Machine, & the corporate-media. We are also fighting for as many delegates as we can get at the convention-level & there are many different groups that are pursuing legal actions to undo the rampant voter-suppression that has occurred in many places, too.

We all have things that we can do for the movement and I urge all of you to find out what those things are that you, yourself, can do — ask yourselves, “What is the most effective thing that I can do to help Bernie Sanders continue fighting for us?” Then, do that!

My fight is with the Lame-Stream Media.

So — let’s get into it.

What the Corporate-Media Isn’t Telling You

Even as I write this, there are numerous legal actions taking place and now you’re probably wondering, “What is all this? What is ‘#ExitPollGate?’

My friend, I’m delighted you’ve asked! #ExitPollGate is a major — and I mean YUGE — red flag that we are being screwed big-time! You see, exit polls are one of the most basic ways that we detect election fraud. An exit poll is pretty much like a survey that they conduct at poll-stations on election day. The people who are doing the survey approach voters as they are leaving the polls — then, there’s a ton of boring questions (like age, gender, ethnicity, party-affiliation, etc.) — but there are also very interesting questions — questions like “who did you vote for?”

Unlike public opinion polls or pre-election polls — exit polls are done after a person has already voted. Remember that — it’s an important point. Other polls are more prone to being way off the mark because humans are often confused & they tend to change their minds in ways that no one can predict — but exit polls tend to be more accurate because they ask about something that’s already happened. Because of this crucial difference, a well-conducted exit poll should have a margin of error of ±2% and that’s pretty accurate!

This is the part where you get angry

Now, it’s not exactly a secret that a lot of the exit polls in the 2016 democratic primaries were way off. Naturally, this caught the attention of different organizations that try to watch out for us (like these guys) but, as it turns out, Edison (the exit poll company) doesn’t feel like turning over the raw exit poll data

Oh wait! I forgot to mention that the US allows polling companies to “adjust” the polling data to match the final results and, to make it even more democratic, it might be totally legal for them to withhold the real exit-polls. Which is definitely not weird or suspicious, at all. Seriously, this is true — the law is buried in the ironically-named “Help Americans Vote Act.”

Anyway — where were we? Oh — so, Edison, the exit poll company, won’t release the raw exit poll data and the corporate-media only shows “adjusted” exit polls to the public. Now, prepare to be infuriated — once we started making a bit of a fuss over having access to the raw (or un-tampered-with) exit poll data, the corporate-media canceled all the remaining exit polls. And that, my friends, is basically why #ExitPollGate is really important.

And it just keeps getting more & more crazy

Alright, friends — so far, I’ve told you that:

  1. Exit polls are a basic way to detect election fraud. They are not proof of fraud, all by themselves — but significant differences between the exit polls & the reported results are a fairly strong indicator that something is wrong.
  2. Both Edison, the exit poll company, & the corporate-media consortium that pays them refuse to release the raw exit poll data to the public.
  3. As soon as a few organizations began raising questions about the exit polls, they cancelled all remaining exit polls (from Oregon & Kentucky onward they haven’t done exit polling).
  4. Apparently, it is common practice in the US to “adjust” exit polls without telling you & without disclosing the data or why they “adjusted” them.

Your elected officials, the Democratic Party, & the Lame-Stream Media are all perfectly OK with this and here’s the funniest part: they expect you to be okay with this, too. But I’m guessing that you’re not.

Now, I’m predicting that, pretty quickly, the trolls will arrive by the dozens, all pointing to recent articles (written by the same people who canceled the exit polls, of course) claiming that “exit polls don’t matter, somehow.” Well, let’s just get this one out of the way — the US government doesn’t think so. Here’s a link to a handbook, published by USAID, on detecting election fraud in other countries and they seem to be under the impression that exit poll discrepancies are a pretty good indicator of fraud. But what do they know? Or maybe election fraud only happens in other countries & the handbook doesn’t work in the USA?

And one last thing! The reason that people have been interested in the exit polls is that there are some some fairly shocking discrepancies between them & the final results — discrepancies that seem just a little bit — hmm, what’s the word I’m looking for? Lopsided, maybe? Ah, well — see for yourself! Here’s a graph:

Courtesy of Richard Charnin
Courtesy of Richard Charnin


As the mathematician Richard Charnin notes, in his blog — it seems that, out of 26 states that had exit-polling, 24 showed Bernie Sanders with more votes than the final results showed — and 11 of them exceeded the margin of error, some of them quite dramatically & all but 2 out of 26 showed Clinton got more votes than the exit polls said she should’ve gotten. 

But it’s cool — there’s absolutely no reason that you should need to look at the exit poll data. It’s probably all random — some kind of freak occurrence, you know?


To Sum It All Up

[UPDATE, 6/21: Please read “No Democracy, No Unity,” which adds to the information in this article — & share them both, please! The media won’t report all of this, so we have to pick up the slack!]

My friends — thank you for bearing with me through this almost-too-long article on exit polls. I felt that this was important information to bring to you — and, now, I’m going to ask for your help, if you would all be so kind —

Will you make sure that this information reaches literally everyone in the United States of America? I’m sure you could manage it!

The more people who know about this, the better! I will write again, very soon — but, in the meantime, spread this around, along with other informative articles & memes. Please, please, please — keep #ExitPollGate going! The corporate-media is plugging their ears & humming right now, trying to pretend that we don’t exist & hoping that we’ll all just go away — let’s wake them up from that delusion! Let them know that we’re done playing their game & that we are here now, we will be there, at the Convention& we will soon be at the White House, listening to Bernie Sanders’ inaugural speech!

Oh — and, of course, let them know that we’ll #SeeYouInPhilly

In solidarity,
John Laurits #SeeYouInPhilly
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There is a simple solution to election fraud, but it’s not easy. Grass roots mobilization of volunteers to do exit polls at every polling place in the 2016 general election. Poll all day from opening until closing. Don’t just do a sampling. Don’t use stupid forms that ask a bunch of worthless questions. People don’t have time for such crap. Just ask everyone you can who they voted for President and Congress as they exit and record that info. That data is the only relevant data anyway. Who cares about age or income or race or why they made their choice. I think a place online for people… Read more »
Paul Frank
Paul Frank
Thank you for your activism and support of Bernie’s revolution. Unfortunately I have some problems with your analysis. My training is in the social sciences. From that perspective there is no reason to suppose that voters voting for different candidates may not be different from another candidate’s supporters in many ways. Indeed, a prime focus of exit polls are the differences in different candidates’ supporters. Those differences could certainly include willingness to participate in exit polls. You also refer to USAID’s guide on “Assessing and Verifying Election Results.” From the guide: “Detecting fraud: Exit polls provide data that is generally indicative of how people voted. A discrepancy between… Read more »

Any chance you want to do a peer review of this statistical analysis? The outcome seems unbelievable. http://alexanderhiggins.com/stanford-berkley-study-1-77-billion-chance-hillary-won-primary-without-widespread-election-fraud/