We Are Not Defeated


Greetings, all of you — those who are with us & those who aren’t with us & those who are indifferent — I’m writing to you from the center of the storm.

This will be brief because I have no electricity here & I must rejoin our revolution, as soon as I can. Though I can hear them & see them, the fact that I am not in their midst is painful to me. I will soon be posting my livestreams for those of you that wish to see what the marches in front of the convention were like. Unfortunately, Facebook repeatedly sent me messages of network errors when I tried to continue the livestreams (though, those around me did not have the same problem, so I’ve been unable to continue them, tonight (so far). Here’s the basic story, as I’m understanding it so far —

Bernie appears to have accepted defeat — but shortly before, during, & after that moment, I witnessed a great flood of people, so numerous that I cannot count them or see the end of them. They descended & swelled in waves for hours until they grew into a great procession. The beginning was confusion but, afterward, the different marches joined with each other until there was only one. One march. They moved down Broad Street for a time, where I’m told (as I had just sat down & begun typing this) they met a Black Lives Matter march, then turned & marched back toward FDR. As I write, my sources say that there is unity between us (another person has just said the same). My heart glows with strength as I write those words — the police who are next to me right now are telling me that the march has remained peaceful, for which I am very grateful.

We will post many, many pictures & videos later but now — I must join them, again. Please, try to hold the media accountable — we have to make them report the truth about this. We are working toward unity & there is great good will — do not let them tell you otherwise. Even the police seem to be in good spirits & do not seem to harbor any ill will toward us — they have been nothing but kind, in my presence. I will write again, soon.

In solidarity,
John Laurits & a lot of other people #Unify


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