[Video] Interview w/ John Laurits & Jeff Epstein

Greetings, brothers, sisters, & others —
I’m posting the first of two live-streams (well, this one’s not so “live” anymore) that my good friend, Jeff Epstein, the Assistant Director of Citizen’s Media TV, & I recorded, earlier tonight. The idea behind this dual-interview was to have a candid conversation between a delegate (Jeff) who was on the inside of the convention & a protester (me!) who was on the outside — together, we hope to weave a more complete picture of what occurred at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, both from the perspective of the participant on the inside & that of the demonstrator on the outside. Enjoy!

Also, stay tuned on Thursday afternoon, at 6:30pm Pacific/9:30pm Eastern, for the second & final dual-interview…

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