The Game is Up — #DemExit & the #DNCLeaks


My dearest brothers, sisters, & others —
Today, I write to you from Philadelphia, in a cafe near City Hall, where some of the first marches are soon scheduled to begin — but, before I join the march, I felt compelled to say something about the recently leaked DNC materials. Their contents confirm what all of us have known for a long time, now —

This game was rigged from the start.

The DNC leaks make it starkly clear that they were never impartial (no $#!%, right?) & that the people who were supposed to be the referee were also the coach for the other team. I’d now like to address the Democratic Party officials, directly —

Hello, DNC —

It’s me, John — have you heard of me? Ah, it doesn’t matter — I’m not really speaking for myself, anyway. I’m actually writing to you on the behalf of tens of millions of your voters! Now, because I have a march to attend in about 45 minutes, I’ll keep this brief –:

The show’s over, folks — you’ve been caught (well, caught again, really) red-handed. And yet you persist! The game is up & you don’t seem to understand that there’s this thing called the “internet.” You see, no matter what you tell the Lame-Stream Media to report (yeah, that was in some of your emails, too), the people know — we know & we see what you’re doing. It would actually almost be cute, if it weren’t for the fact that our elections are being stolen & our democracy revealed to be fake, right in front of our eyes — you’re like silly, cartoon villains.

From the very beginning, we saw you stacking your candidate’s deck with party-insider superdelegates who cast their votes before the people they represent even were able to vote. We saw you closing polling stations in Arizona & Puerto Rico. We saw you purge voter rolls in Arizona, New York, & California. We saw the filthy tricks & rule changes that you pulled at the Nevada state-convention. We saw you throw out at least a million ballots in California — we even have video of ballots that were mysteriously whited-out.

Your friends at the media consortium intentionally & unfairly included super-delegates in their counts to manipulate the public’s perception of the elections. They intentionally reported the events to favor your candidate and harm the people’s candidate, by providing consistently biased, unbalanced, & often-inaccurate coverage. They refuse to let us see the exit-poll data, which should not be an issue in a fair election. I could go on but my time is limited, so I’ll cut to the chase, here —

We played the game & it’s been fun — but the game is up.

If you have ears, hear us! We can do this in mutual co-operation, with grace & ease, as friends — or we can do this the hard way. Or we could do it the really hard way. How we do this is your choice. 

Choose wisely.

You know it — in your heart of hearts — you know it. You’re on the wrong side of history, right now — but we want you to join us in transforming this country & saving the planet. Live up to your name — become the Democratic Party. Millions of voters have been disenfranchised and, as a result, the candidate that the DNC hand-picked does not have the support of the people — poll after poll after poll shows that this is true & you can’t deny it.

Bernie Sanders will defeat Trump — Hillary Clinton will divide the people & lose in November.

If Clinton loses in November, not only will we have a President Trump but your party will be destroyed. You will drag your own name through the mud & you will destroy what confidence the people may still have in you. Even if Clinton won in November, your party would still be destroyed because you would have alienated your young progressive base of voters that is welling up like a collective spring — while the neo-liberal, fracking, trade-deal-loving, incremental-change democrats are going down into the darkness of history. Most importantly (in my own opinion), you will send the message to all of the young people — who are so profoundly thirsty for real & necessary change — you will send the message that change is too hard.

Join us. Evolve. Transform your party & defeat Trump by electing Bernie Sanders — or watch us dismantle your little party, brick by brick, and live for the rest of your lives knowing that the name of your party will go down in the history books as the enemies of progress, democracy, & the people.

We are going to try our best & we may or may not win, today — but we will win.

Now, if you’ll excuse me — I have some marching to do…

In solidarity,
John Laurits #WeAreHere
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There is no “#DemExit” because you were never a Democrat.

Kathleen Shuey
Kathleen Shuey
I thought your letter was very well written. It says what I would like to say and more. I am somewhat puzzled after listening to the speeches tonight and I almost feel that this campaign season has been some archaic social experiment about mind control and the value of values, or something equally mysterious. I have always been fascinated by human nature and especially observing people during an election cycle. The one thing I think I learned or at least observed is how much stronger political feelings and beliefs are than religious beliefs are. It was really strange to see religion take a back seat with the rise… Read more »

You are going to march, chant and continue to whine.. But Hillary will win the nomination, and will be the next POTUS. (As an aside, John continues to demonstrate that he is a true Sanders supporter. His request for others to pay for his travel to the convention is priceless…)