The “Democratic” National Convention — July 27th


July 27th, 2:00pm

Greetings, sisters, brothers, & others — 
I’m writing to you from a cafe in Philadelphia, the day after the election was stolen & Bernie Sanders asked for Clinton to be nominated by acclamation, then walked out of the convention. Nina Turner was stripped of her credentials & removed from the convention, while many Sanders delegates walked out in protest. Since that, I’m told that Sanders has (thankfully) refused to turn over his donor-list to the DNC (need source to confirm) & he has said that he’ll return to the senate as an independent. Many are now rallying behind Jill Steinwhile demonstrations are set to continue today.

Now — many out there are probably wondering…

What do we do, now?

Photo by Jacob Yona, for the full gallery, click here

We all have choices to make, now — & some of them will be difficult. Before we get into that, however, I’d like to urge all of you to remember that the demonstrations are still on! As I’ve described in last night’s short articlewe have not been defeatedDo not listen to what the media tells you — there is a great sense of unity among the many different demonstrators, here. This I have seen with my own eyes. 

I am receiving reports from my spies who watch the Lame-Stream Media for me that some are saying there is high-tension & animosity between demonstrators & police — I say, emphatically, this is utter non-sense. Unless everything’s changed drastically since last night & this morning, there is no such tension — I’ve personally spoken with dozens of police officers over the last 12 hours, all of whom treated me with kindness, respect, & — dare I say? — even camaraderie. Aside the few exceptions, the vast (& I mean vast) majority of protesters I’ve spoken with agree. Do not spread division! We must invite the police into solidarity with us and it would be harmful to all of us in Philly, if the media is allowed to perpetuate their vile fictions. The police are doing their job & we’re doing ours.

Haven’t we lost?
What are we demonstrating for, now?

No, we are victorious — you must understand this. The popular insurgency of Bernie Sanders’ campaign has forced the DNC’s corruption to the surface, which has invigorated the people’s movement & fostered unity among us, and don’t forget — we’re still here, in Philadelphia. 

Photo by Jacob Yona, for the full gallery, click here

What are we demonstrating for? The same things we’ve been demonstrating for the whole time — everything. The DNC has proved again & again that they will not keep their word — how can any of us care about what they promise? In a weird way, its kinda liberating, actually — no more silly games to play, just revolution, plain & simple. As I explained in another article, the DNC was supposed to be the referee for the primaries but the #DNCLeaks have shown the world that they had picked their nominee from the start. Think about it like this — what if, during the NBA playoffs, we found out that the referee between the Cavaliers & the Thunder had been on the Cavaliers’ payroll? And what if they’d exchanged thousands of emails about how they’d screw the Thunder? Do we just move on to the finals, afterward? 


You do not have to accept the results of such obviously fraudulent “elections.” We know, for a fact, that the DNC was colluding w/ Clinton for months before the contests were over — contests that were marred by obvious voter-suppression, voter-roll purges, exit-poll discrepancies, alleged fraud, & intentional media manipulation.

I cannot refer to what has occurred as “elections” with a straight face any longer. That is why I (and maybe you, too?) will be joining Democracy Spring to risk arrest by nonviolently struggling against the DNC & all officials who reveal themselves to be enemies of the people by refusing to immediately support elections reforms. I hope a lot of you will join us.

And if any of you believe that Clinton — or anyone else that “wins” by suppression, collusion, & fraud — if any of you believe that they are going to represent you or be true to their promises, then good luck with that.

In solidarity,
John Laurits
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