The Democratic Convention: #MarchForBernie, July 24th


The Democratic Convention:
#MarchForBernie, July 24th

My very tiredest & sweatiest greetings to you, sisters, brothers, & others —
FDR park is on fire with support for Sanders, right now — if you’re in the area, come on down! We’ve just finished the #MarchForBernie rally at city hall & the subsequent 4 mile (or so) march to FDR park, where our non-violent army is encamped. When I left, the grass was bespeckled with countless constellations of exhausted Berners, freshly marched — many of their voices are hoarse from chanting, many are smiling & shouting over the music that’s filling the air, & all of their hearts seem (to this Oregonian poet, at least) to be ablaze with a sort of magical combination of enthusiasm, outrage, & wonder. 

The March

After a lot of good talk & some call-&-response chanting, we fell into a great line — no, not a line, a great river! — & poured

The Rally (all photos by Jacob Yona)
The Rally (all photos by Jacob Yona)

into the streets of Philadelphia behind a van that lead the way. At the head of the flood was a long canvas-banner, which read “#FeelTheBern,” & a small swarm of camera-wielding people, followed by a procession that was far too lengthy for me to see the end of. As we coursed further into the hot, asphalt-veins of Philly, there were many friendly faces, waving signs of support or joining us, & there were others who formed lines at the curbs to film the unusual sight.

Megaphones & thousands of voices erupted, almost continuously, with too many different chants for me to name — “This is what democracy looks like!” & “One person, One vote!” we cried. There were great uproars of “Black Lives Matter!” “Who’s streets? Our streets!” & “Bernie or Jill, Never Hill!” One of my favorites was —

“If we don’t get it? Shut it down!

And that’s what we need to do, my friends — the DNC is not going to be doing us any favors, this week. We must make it impossible for them to ignore us. We received the news during the march, via megaphone, that Debbie Wasserman Schultz had resigned — while this is indeed a victory, we must demand more! The board is set & the pieces are moving. Tomorrow, the convention will begin & you will hear many things, some of them true & others false, but — whatever you hear — we must keep fighting! We must keep struggling for a better world — even if Bernie Sanders himself seems to despair, we must remember that this is our revolution, this is our struggle, too, & change will come only when it is our effort that creates it! Ultimately, it is not Bernie’s call, anyway — it is ours & the delegates’ decision to make. Remember that!

Whatever you do — do not despair. Change is coming. Another chant that we took up was, “the people united will never be defeated.” I’ve been thinking a lot about this phrase, lately. It’s true. If the people are united, then who could possibly defeat them? That is why we must remain kind, we must remain committed to what is best about human nature, & we must reach out & build bridges between each other, in love & solidarity. 

To Sum It All Up

We’re off to a good start — but more will be required of us! These coming days will be the greatest test of our revolution, yet — let us meet it with defiant smiles upon our lips, songs of solidarity upon our tongues, & a stubborn hope beating in our blood. Do not spread fear — spread hope! Inspire each other & do not tear each other down! Please, share this & other articles that are telling our story, here — we need as much solidarity & public pressure as we can possibly muster (that’s your cue, social-media warriors).

I must away, now — there is so much to do, so many people to interview, so much to photograph, & so many things to understand, in so little time. We know your hearts are with us — goodnight!

In solidarity,
John Laurits #NotMeUs
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P.S. If you look in the title image, you’ll see me helping to march with the banner, which I consider to have been a very great honor…

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From Chris



Are you guys seriously still against Hillary (which by proxy means you are supporting Trump)? Really? Hillary, whose voting record is 92% identical to Bernie’s?


Thanks for the report! Truly appreciate it. So much we don’t hear about from media and am so happy to get more information.