#ShowMeTheBallots or No Unity


Or No Unity

Greetings, my brothers, sisters, & others — I hope this message finds you all well & in good spirits because I’d like to discuss a few unhappy truths about our society, today.

In this article, I’ll be covering the “integrity” of the elections processes in the US and, while the reality is shockingly corrupt, it is only by confronting that corruption that we will discover the strength & insight to change it.

Well — let’s look at some numbers!

How Voting Happens & Why It Doesn’t

We live in a fairly large country that’s divided up into 50 states (+ D.C. & 7 territories) and each of them gets to decide how they vote — this can be with paper ballots, voting-machines, or a mix of both. Since voting on paper ballots is pretty self-explanatory, I’m going to skip ahead to how the voting-machines work.

There are many different makes & models but the voting machines used in the US are collectively known as “DRE voting machines” — “DRE” stands for:

D irect
R ecording
E lectronic Voting Machines

DRE’s record votes directly onto a chip or a hard drive, hence the “direct recording” part. Some models include what’s called “VVPAT,” which stands for:

V oter
V erified
P aper
A udit
T rails

VVPAT is basically a paper receipt for your vote — the voter verifies that it has the correct vote printed on it and the paper is kept so that, if we’d like to, we could check the paper votes against the computer’s votes to make sure that the DRE is recording the election’s results accurately. That’s called a paper-trail and paper-trails make it much harder to rig the election. Makes sense, right? But not all voting machines leave a paper trail…

Some voting machines record their votes directly to a chip — without printing anything. This makes it basically impossible to check their results. Now, some of you might be thinking, “Well, it’s probably really, really difficult to tamper with the voting machines, though,” and, if I could hear you, I would respond: not nearly as difficult as you think!

There have been quite a few studies (including this one & this one) which show that — with 10$, a trip to Radio-Shack, & an 8th-grade-level understanding of science — pretty much anyone can hack one of these things — oh, and it’s untraceable, by the way.

But surely there’s some way to —

Nope, sorry. I hate to break it to you but there’s literally no way to audit these kinds of, um, “results.” Don’t worry — it gets worse. Remember how I said that each state gets to choose how it conducts its elections? Well, 15 of them have chosen to use voting machines with no paper trail — including Georgia, Texas, South Carolina, Mississippi, Delaware, Tennessee, Indiana, Louisiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, Kansas, Arkansas, & Virginia. According to this admittedly-probably-slightly-outdated-information, these states make up approximately 37.5% of the US population. 

Now, some of you may be muttering under your breath, “Well, dammit.” And, if I were sitting there next to you, I’d probably sigh & say, “Yep.”

The Integrity of US Elections is a Joke

The bad news is that there really is no way for the DNC or even the federal government to convince us that the results of these primaries were legitimate. Not only is there no way to verify the results — but the results from many* of these 15 states are also different from both the pre-election & exit-polling, which is already pretty fishy (see my article about #ExitPollGate, here). As if that weren’t enough, many of them also yield extremely suspicious CVS data, which is another indicator of fraud (see my article & video explaining cumulative vote-shares analysis, here) — and, as I’ve already written about & as is well-documented elsewhere, the democratic primaries have been plagued by blatant & widespread voter-suppression.

So — What Do We Do?

Well, I don’t know! But I do know one thing — I know that, on July 25th, we are going to decide, collectively — you, me, the DNC, Bernie, the delegates, the police, & every one else — we’re going to decide whether we’re willing to accept this version of reality. The reality in which the “results” of our elections are literally unverifiable; the reality in which we leave all but 1/4th of our voters out of the national elections; the reality in which we allow the corporately-owned media to manipulate the results of elections; the reality in which we’ve allowed the interests of a wealthy few to dominate the will of the many; the reality in which we ignore the evidence of rigged elections & choose to have blind faith in whatever results are reported; the reality in which the politicians tell the people what to do & the reality in which the people obey. 

On July 25th, are we going to tell our young people that their voices don’t matter? That only incremental change is possible? Are we going to tell them that they shouldn’t even dream of radically altering the order of our society for the better? That it’s “just not the way the world works” & “better luck next time?” 

Or are we going to demonstrate — with our actions — to future generations & to ourselves, that it is indeed possible to change the world that we live in for the betterI am but one person, yet still I say, with this tiny little voice, as loud as I can:

Come, come — whoever you are — come to Philadelphia
and, together, let’s raise our voices to such a volume
that our arrogant rulers tremble in their $12,000 dollar suits & listen.
And let’s say, together, that we are the rulers, now. 

And, if they say, “No, you’ve lost the election,”
We’ll say, “Is that so? Raise a crowd like ours if you speak the truth!”
But they won’t — because the people have been cheated
& we know that we’ve been cheated. 

But no longer. 

To Sum It All Up

Before I go, I’d like to sum up what we’ve gone over today:

  1. In the US, there are electronic voting-machines that leave no paper trail. There is literally no way to verify that those machines have counted truly. Multiple studies have shown & there are videos that demonstrate how to hack these machines without leaving a trace.
  2. 15 states use these un-verifiable voting machines in their primary electionsTogether, these 15 states could amount to about 38% of our voters, which means that there is no way for us to know whether we’ve chosen the outcome or not.
  3. Not only are the results un-provable but both exit-polling & forensic techniques like CVS analysis suggest that election fraud has occurred. It remains to be seen whether or not our courts or law-enforcement officials will help us by investigating any of this.
  4. Voting-machines & fraud aside, it is undisputed (even by the media) that voter-suppression has taken place in the 2016 primaries. There is no question that massive voter-roll purges & poll-station closures have occurred in Arizona, New York, Puerto Rico, & other primaries. The establishment appears to have no plan to correct these obvious miscarriages of democracy.

I must away, now — but I shall write to you all again, very soon. But please, in the meantime, remember that our delegates are in desperate need of funding to reach the convention in Philadelphia — if you have the means, please donate! Also, if it is at all possible, consider joining us all in Philly for the marches or, if you absolutely can’t make it, look into the nearest “March For Bernie USA” solidarity-marchevery person that marches will add to Bernie Sanders’ leverage at the convention! On that note, (& if you haven’t already) consider taking the #BernieOrBust pledge or the “won’t vote Hi//ary” pledge each signature will help to pressure the DNC & its super-delegates into taking our side on the 25th.

If nothing else, please SHARE this article & others like it on social mediathis helps to fight the corporate-media’s deceptive narrative that #OurRevolution doesn’t exist! 

In solidarity,
John Laurits #SeeYouInPhilly
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P.S. Before you go, if you have a bit of time, please watch & share this epic video that was sent to the People’s Math Front to publish anonymously:


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*GA, TX, SC, MS, TN, & IN use voting-machines which don’t leave paper-trails AND their recorded results differ from the exit-polling by more than the margin-of-error (for more info, read “What is #ExitPollGate?). LA & KY use voting machines which don’t leave paper-trails AND display suspicious patterns when subjected to CVS analysis (for more info on CVS analysis, watch the video & read my article on the subject, “No Democracy, No Unity”)

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I did not read all the comments, so this may be repetition, but in my view, federal elections and primaries should be held the same across the states, open, with a three receipt system, one for the election officials to tabulate, one for the auditors, and one for the voter – like a receipt you get when you buy gas or groceries.

Paul Bassen
Paul Bassen
Rotifer. To me, what you say about business as usual is reasonable and a useful reminder. You and I might quibble, but wind up at the same place. Maybe we could ask whether alternatives are impossible. But moderately disruptive street protest is not a big deal, and needn’t mean the last possible hope, despite coming with violence at the edges these days. It’s a way to get attention, not a threat. Now, there are many things to flame up about, and demand change right now. But I think the results of flame, maybe especially these days, could be anything. Anything. There are many reasons (not necessarily conclusive, I… Read more »
The DNC & their platform says it all. They refused everything that Berniecrats have been pushing for. And then the DNC expects/demands unity?! Demonstrations (peaceful or not) have always been a major impetus for political change. It is a last resort, when all other avenues for change have been exhausted. It seems many people are mystified about how massive, peaceful crowds protesting can affect any change. It works bc it interferes with “Business as Usual”, which is what we are really protesting! Sit-ins, strikes, boycotts, blocking roads, etc are all peaceful methods of stopping “business as usual” until we the people are heard & the business as usual… Read more »