New Content: Scenes from “Jakob’s Ladder”

John Laurits' WritingThis post is just to inform you that I’ve posted a new excerpt from the strange book that I’ve been scratching away at between all the citizen-journalism & jelly-bean videos & everything — if you’re interested in reading a few previews (as it were) of my upcoming bildungsroman¹, “Jakob’s Ladder,” you can find a handful of excerpts in the writing section or you can click here to read the scene I just posted, which is somewhat arbitrarily called “Names.”

She was sitting, in a hooded black sweatshirt, among them — but only to the degree that a child might sit among grownups, resigned to endure again a lengthy, uninteresting conversation, unable to leave however mightily she wishes to; she was among them — not as an equal or a companion — but as the child who knows too well the futility of complaint, who by boredom and loneliness is driven deep inside of herself, into the mysterious freedom of her imagination where different gods recklessly cast a stranger light on better worlds.

— from “Names,” excerpted from “Jakob’s Ladder”

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That’s all, for now — peace!

– John Laurits

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¹Bildungsroman means “novel of formation” & it’s a category of fiction which focuses on the psychological or character development of a protagonist — sorta like a “coming of age” novel.

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