Indiana: The After-MATH

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The After-MATH

Greetings, friends & foes!
I’ll be brief tonight but I felt that I had to update you all on what Indiana means for us — because lord-knows the media sure as hell isn’t gonna be straight with you! But first, I’d like to congratulate Senator Bernie Sanders as well as all of you Berners because…

**The Sand-Man Has Taken Indiana!**

Tonight we should rejoice! We should rejoice because the movement is obviously still building strength, as our victory in Indiana shows — while Clinton is losing steam and running out of corporate money.

I imagine that some of you may be disappointed that we didn’t hit our target of 64.4% in Indiana — that’s why I’m here to show you that our numbers are still looking good (no matter what the million-dollar trolls below may be blathering about).  It is, indeed, true that our target number has shifted slightly — in order to obtain the 2,026 pledged delegates that we’re after, instead of 64.4%, we will now be needing 65.5% of the remaining delegates that are up for grabs.

This is because (as of this moment, 9:00PM PDT) we’ve taken 44 delegates today and Clinton has taken 39, according to the green papers, leaving Sanders with 1,414 and Clinton with 1,704 delegates. Now, remember that 2,026 is half +1 of the total delegate count and that’s what we’re aiming for, right? Now, subtract Sanders’ 1,414 from 2,026:

1,414 – 2,026 = 612

So, now we need 612 out of the remaining 933 delegates, which means:

612 ÷ 933 = 0.655 or 65.5%

Thus, even though we fell a bit short of our 64.4% target, it has only shifted our overall goal by about 1%. Now, we must set our eyes upon the next contest in West Virginia, which occurs on May 10th and is an open primary — and, my friends, our prospects are looking very good there! Let’s see if we can drop that target of 65.5% down a notch or two, shall we?


A Few Quick Numbers from
West Virginia

I shall leave you now, my friends, with this last few numbers, which should embolden you all, fan the flames of hope in your hearts, and spur you to fight for Sanders even more valiantly than you already have! According to PPP’s recent poll in West Virginia, Sanders is leading Clinton with 45% to 37%! According to Public Policy Polling, Sanders and Clinton are neck and neck with registered democrats, with Sanders trailing by only 2 points (43% to 41%) — but, among independents who will be voting in the open primary, Sanders destroys Clinton with 56% to her 19%!

Do not let these numbers lull you into complacency and laziness, however — now is the time for every single one of us who has the time to get on those phones! I want to hear West Virginia ring all the way over here in Oregon! Every single fraction of a percentage point that we can get will lower the targets that we have to hit in future states!

I, for one, have faith in you all — the numbers are with us!

In solidarity,
John Laurits


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*All numbers pulled from the Green Papers (also, keep in mind that, at the time of writing, there was 97% reporting from the Indiana primary)

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[…] EDIT #2: For the updated math, CLICK FOR “INDIANA: THE AFTER-MATH” […]


[…] EDIT #2: For the updated math, CLICK FOR “INDIANA: THE AFTER-MATH” […]

Don Wiklund

All I know is that this is the kind of crap that’s been going on in my state.