The Electoral College Chose Trump — Now, Organize!

President Donald Trump

The Electoral College Just Gave Us President Donald Trump

It is finished. The approximately 25% of adults in the United States who voted for Donald Trump have what they wanted — Donald Trump has been elected president by the electoral college( 63m Trump-votes ÷ approx. 248m US adults ). Despite two of their republican electors voting for Ron Paul & John Kasich, the state of Texas handed the presidency to the Donald and, according to RT, “around 5:30 p.m. EST on Monday, Trump reached his 270th Electoral College vote.”

To those 25%, I’ll say, “congratulations! I hope your candidate continues to oppose neoliberal trade policies & I hope he makes some kind of effort to rid the capitol of lobbyists & corruption!”

To the other 75% or so, I’ll say — we need to get busy.

Now is the Time to Build the Resistance

Friends, we’ve probably got a rough 4 years ahead of us but we’re going to have to make the best of it — it is not the apocalypse, however. In 2 years, progressives will have a chance to storm congress but we must preserve the momentum of Bernie Sanders’ movement on the left — and we must stay engaged!

Capitalism Political Cartoon by Jacob Yona
This cartoon by the illustrious Jacob Yona sums it all up, really

That means continuing to support all struggles against the neoliberal-capitalist agenda, like the indigenous peoples resisting big oil at Standing Rock & the movements to stop police-militarization across the country. Staying engaged means figuring out which representative or senator you’re going to vote for in 2018 — find out who your choices are likely to be and, if there aren’t any good ones, find a way to change that!

Organize & Educate!

millennial primary votes chart
Millennial primary voters (chart unapologetically stolen from the Washington Post)

As Noam Chomsky’s recent interview should remind us, real change can only happen when the revolutionary vision becomes a “part of the awareness, consciousness, and aspirations of the large majority.” During the primaries, Bernie Sanders showed the country that there’s a vast amount of support, especially among millennials, for social-democratic policies — policies like tuition-free college, universal healthcare, financial reform, & getting money out of politics. It’s up to us to organize, to keep building support these for progressive ideas, & to make sure that people are aware that another world is possible.

To do that, we must continue to create & support our own independent news networks, which are currently under attack by the corporate media & their campaign against so-called “fake news.” Fight back by supporting & spreading the articles of independent journalists & news-sites — if we seize the story-factories from the 1%, we can tell a more democratic story!

Good Luck!

Elect Local Berniecrats!Above all, do not go back to sleep!

The time ahead will not be televised as much as the elections were but they are equally — if not more — important. The fake news media — by which I mean CNN, MSNBC, & the rest of their cowardly ilk — will probably return to reporting on celebrity gossip, now that the elections are over. That’s to put people back to sleep, of course. As it usually happens after a general election, many people who were politically active a moment ago will get distracted & wander off — that’s okay & it’s to be expected. As for the rest of you, I expect you to get busy making it as hard as possible for others to tune it all out by figuring out how each of us can best disrupt the system.

Now, go forth & start working on 2018! Print & pass out pamphlets on climate change or democratic-socialism, raise awareness — shut down a bank or something! Good luck!

In solidarity,
John Laurits

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David Church MA,
David Church MA,
If the 2016 Election has proven anything, the incumbents in the “Two-Party System” can, and will do anything, and everything with “The Power of Our Purse” to insure they stay in office. It’s time to turn our Government right-side up. The only way to break this cycle of fake history and do nothing government is to ‘unfix’ the Electoral College and unfix our totally corrupted foundation of government. Fortunately, Step One is to Contact your own, local Representative to the State Legislature. Instruct him, or her to introduce a bill which states; Electors in the General Election for President of The United States are allocated to the winner… Read more »
Did you mean to write “the winner of the national popular vote”? That sounds like the proposal to get a set of states numbering at least 270 EC votes to always allocate to the national winner, which would effectively eliminate the electoral college. There’s no sign that would ever get traction. Or are you suggesting that individual districts allocate electors based on the winner within each district? Because then you’re advantaging rural voters over urban voters, and moving further away from the 1-person-1-vote ideal. Either way, EC reform has nothing to do with two-party rule or the natural advantages of incumbents. If you’re interested in that, you need… Read more »
Yes, we now live in the full and open reality that our system is not working well for any but the crooked. For our next round of elections we had better have the UN fully involved. Of course they may be just as corrupt…. At any rate, trying to find out how to request UN Election Assistance I either find a 404 or page not found for links to the process. I appreciated the interview on Our Revolution TV you shared that explained the recount method and why it was attempted. What it has reviled could be very useful in requesting outside observers and changing how we conduct… Read more »
“In 2 years, progressives will have a chance to storm congress but we must preserve the momentum of Bernie Sanders’ movement on the left” This is a fantasy. The senate map is awful for progressives in 2018: There are 10 democratic senators up for election in states that Trump won, and probably just 2 pick-up opportunities in other states. There might be some pick-ups in the house, but it still won’t flip the chamber. “Now, go forth & start working on 2018! Print & pass out pamphlets on climate change or democratic-socialism, raise awareness — shut down a bank or something! Good luck!” Michael B., wannabe brown-shirt… Read more »
michael blyskal
michael blyskal

Left wing hysterics are bringing me much Schadenfreude. So please keep it up.

Be advised that your violent opposition tactics will not be tolerated over the next 8 years. The rules have changed. It is Trump time! All Hail Trump.

lee snow
lee snow

I think you mean “Heil”. It’ll be interesting to see how Americans cope with living under a dictatorial regime.