Democracy Spring Demonstration, July 25th [VIDEO]


Greetings, my friends!

Here’s a quick video for you (I’m working on an article to accompany it presently!). This’ll be especially useful for those of you who aren’t able to be with us, this week — it’s basically a tour of the big demonstration, yesterday. I’ll be dropping more footage, along with articles, quite soon — but now I must away! Everything is unfolding…

In solidarity,
John Laurits #HereToStay
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P.S. Please SHARE, RT, RE-POST, or whatever — the #LameStreamMedia is doing a terrible job of reporting on us getting arrested & marching by thousands! That’d be great! Love you all!

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** I just wanna say — I could definitely not do what I do without the super-helpful Jacob Yona, my photographer, digital artist, & partner-in-crime 

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