Berlin’s Bernin’

Hello again!
A great deal of people seem to have appreciated yesterday’s article on the math of the delegate gamethe YUGE response (mostly love) has taught me that we all have things that we can contribute to the Movement, even if it is only arithmetic. For others, it’s MUSIC — Take a listen, below!

Some theme music to Bern to... Check them out:
Some theme music to Bern to…
Check them out:

Here’s what some Berners in Berlin, Friends w/ Benefits, have been up to — this is from their website:

Berlin’s feeling the Bern! To keep the people on their feet and the campaign moving we layered Bernie’s key talking points (sampled, deconstructed, reconstructed) over our latest house music mix. Hope you dig it! #feelthebern

BERLIN’S BERNIN’ is my jam while I write today — you should give it a listen, too! 

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Jan Goldberg
Jan Goldberg

Thanks for helping to keep HOPE alive! Still feeling the BERN!

the dave (@thedave109)

Great link – and make sure you send your math – and the link – to the campaign…Not that they don’t know – but still – better to be sure

John k
John k

Aren’t indies allowed to vote in remaining elections except Nj?
Do your calcs account for indies? E.g,
How has Bernie done in such primaries with demos similar to remaining states?