A Brief Appeal to My Readers

John Laurits Patreon Page DonationsGreetings, my friends —  This post is to remind you all that I’ve created a new page on Patreon, an online platform where people who appreciate artists can connect with them & support them by offering a small monthly pledge. I felt inspired to create a page there because I like the idea of artists being supported, not by some corporation, but by the small contributions of a whole bunch of ordinary people — it reminds me of the way Bernie Sanders’ campaign was carried on the collective wings & hopes of millions, instead of by the few interests of the wealthy.

Anyway, I’ll cut to the chase — on the new Patreon page, I set the modest goal of reaching $1000/month in pledges because that seems to be about the amount that a human being needs to be sheltered, fed, & coffee’d, around here. I want to be a writer &, if I reach that goal, I can continue to write full-time — articles, essays, stories, poetry, & who knows what else. That’s the dream.

[EDIT: math updated, 8/22, 11:47AM] Right now, with 13 patrons, I’ve reached $148/month in pledges — which leaves only $852 more per-month to go. That might seem like a lot but it really isn’t. At the time of this writing, I appear to have precisely 2,452 human beings following my work on this website. And…

852 ÷ 2,452 = 0.347

…which means that, if all 2,452 followers pledged just 35¢ per-month, I would have exceeded my goal already & I’d be an adequately-fed & sheltered full-time writer. If roughly 1 out of every 3 of you pledged just $1/month — that’s just $12/year — it would have the same effect. To return that generosity, I experience absolutely no hesitation in saying that I will continue to devote as much time & energy as anyone devotes to any traditional job (& probably more) to this work of writing articles, essays, stories, & poetry.

Well — that’s my pitch. Thanks for reading, friends <3

In solidarity & gratitude,
John Laurits


P.S. Below this is a big, fancy graphic that also functions as a link — I made it myself out of a logo that I stole.