Citizen-Journalist Toolkit

Citizen-Journalist Toolkit

About Citizen-Journalists' Toolkit
Alternative Search Engines
Because some of the most popular search engines have an unfortunate tendency to mix their politics with their search results, it’s a good practice to do multiple searches on more than one search engine. Here are a few that I’ve found useful:
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Useful Data, Tools, & Online Resources
Below is an assortment of online tools that have proven to be very helpful in my work as a citizen-journalist — maybe you’ll find uses for them, too…
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I’d love to add more to this section — if you know of any awesome online tools for research, let me know in the comments or in the feedback form on the home page!
Elections Data
Click for Elections Data Resources
News Research & Links
The Jimmy Dore Show
Frequent, thoughtful commentary on current events.
The Sane Progressive
Consistently sane.
Russel Brand’s “true news,” The Trews
Brand never fails to inject both humor & humanity into global politics.
Michael Salamone
A great podcast by a thoughtful writer & activist.
Podcast Revolution
Various progressive podcasts here (one of Michael Salamone’s projects to help budding independent media reach their listeners)
Tips on News Research
Is there a quality news source that you feel should be on the list? Let me know in the comments below or use likes as votes for someone else’s suggestion!


  1. Hey John, thanks for putting this together! It’s been difficult to weed out the copy cat sites, not to mention time consuming following the links back to original sources…if there are even any to follow. -_-. I’ll be keeping this resource handy!

  2. For “Mainstream Media” sources, I’ve given up on American Corporate news organizations.
    Now I read “The Guardian” and watch “Al Jazeera” and RT…

    “The Humanist Report” is another great “Watch” !!

    Bernie in 2020 !!!

  3. I don’t see how H A GOODMAN is a good source. during the Bernie primaries, I listened to a few of his videos. he is ever the optimist. I give him that. I stopped responding to his links…he would take about 17 minutes drawing out his position as though he had some knowledge and the headline were bait. nothing. nothing went anywhere in the real world.

    • He consistently posts videos that engage with what’s going on and, indeed, channels not the realist but the optimist. This bizarre world needs more optimists.

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