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John Laurits WritingSometimes known as the “math
poet,” John Laurits is a poet,
journalist, activist, & math-enthusiast from Oregon, who holds a useless degree in eastern philosophy & all of the impossible debt which came with it. Laurits (perhaps, unfortunately) gained a small amount of notoriety in 2016, for a series of articles that demystified the math behind the delegate system of the democratic primaries. He scribbles his work hastily in cafes across the country but he is most often sighted in the Pacific Northwest ( as he prefers the rainy weather there for reasons California will probably never understand ).

Jill Stein Tweets John Laurits' ArticleWhile the majority of his writing has been self-published, John Laurits has written & reported for indie-media outlets like Real Progressives &, and has appeared on podcasts, radio stations, & talk-shows, including KPFA 94.1FM, Salamone (the Podcast!), & #OurRevolutionTV’s The Robust Opposition.  John’s articles have been cited by RT’s Lee Camp, Naked Capitalism, & the BBC, and have been shared on social media by pretty hip individuals, like Jill Stein & Mark Rufalo.

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  1. i love love love your piece on the math. brilliant. just soaring energy w hope and humor and light. u are the best writer of the journey (5 mths for me) and ive read ALOT of bernie articles. hundreds for sure. you have no idea how impactful that piece was. not only does media NOT give you the correct math w those fancy boards, but even progressive sites don’t break it down LIKE THAT, for us, the regular guy who don’t follow politics, and just started cuz of bernie. THANK YOU. i feel strangely empowered after reading your piece. and more relaxed, u know when u understand something the anxiety falls away. u have affected 250,000 people positively w that piece and have monumentally shifted my perspective — not only about bernies chances and why — but the energy of the piece really set me right. im your newest fan. 🙂

  2. I think John Laurits bio would have been more compelling if he’d included juggling, medieval church construction, maypole design, fruit tree grafting, and sonnet construction with haiku on the side. Without these skills, your math for Bernie is suspect.

  3. I’m cheating here, in a sense, to circumvent an obstacle. On your “What is going on here?” page, you state “(there is a reply box beneath everything),” yet this is not true. In particular, there is no way I can see to leave a comment on your “Why?” page in response to your “Artist’s statement.” So, I am commenting here for there.

    I enjoyed your statement and I understand and appreciate what you have said about light. There is, however, more to the story, which I hope you will find interesting and perhaps even helpful in some way. I do this not to take anything away from what your wrote, but to expand upon it, or perhaps probe a little deeper into it.

    The real light that illuminates what we perceive shines forth through our eyes. Until this happens, any light and all objects out there in the Universe remain invisible to us.

    It is our inner light of interest, curiosity and analysis that illuminates that which we perceive. The keener our interest, the more intense our enthusiasm, the greater our longing, the more expansive our openness, the clearer, wider, deeper and more embracing will be our perception. And your statement that “this is the function of language, to cast a light upon the world as it appears inside of us” actually hints at this.

    What is this inner light? It is the light of our intelligence. Yet it is not ours in the usual sense of ownership, but ours in the sense of stewardship, because it is actually the Light of Intelligence of the Source from which we manifest in this material world. It is the Light of Spirit with which we are imbued while we are imbued with the gift of Life.

    Everything, every being, every way of being in this Universe is similarly imbued with Life, Light and Intelligence. Because of this, there is an attraction between all ways of being inspired by an attractor within each way of being. We feel drawn towards those attractors to which we have some attunement and bonded with those attractors with which we share some empathy.

    Words, language, can help facilitate our attractions. They can just as easily hinder and block the forces of attractors. It all depends upon both the way the words are sent and the way they are received. We can send our words with great intent, from a place of knowledge and understanding and we can even do so wisely, yet we have no control over how they will be received and perceived by others, or even by ourselves at some time and place removed from the present, due to differences in our ways of being.

    We, collectively, stand the best chance at mutually lighting our common way if we can avoid focusing on the words and instead gazing beyond them to try to discern what they are pointing us towards. As we gaze beyond, the real meaning is always ultimately to be found within our selves, illuminated by the inner light of intelligence that we all share in common.

    Fear inhibits and even blocks the flow of light between attractors, while Love enables this flow and facilitates attraction and bonding, and the deepest longing of all beings is to unite and bond with others. May the Love be with you.

  4. John I’m no math gal, grandma’s brain prefers gardening and political FB activity for Bernie Sanders.
    I Hope your math and hope energies move us forward..
    It will still be a challenge, far better then the other options

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